The following is a sampling of publications in which Dr. Gordon has written for or has been quoted in
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Keys To Minimizing Sports Injuries
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Acupuncture: A Powerful
Pain-Reliever for Athletes
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Acupuncture for Athletes

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Treatment for Hamstring Strains

Acupuncture for the Serious Golfer

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The Unstable Knee In Martial Arts
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Management After Concussions

Knee Pain in Taekwondo

Cross-Training and
Weightlifting Techniques

African American Golfers Digest

Is Your Vitamin D Level UP TO PAR?

Outside Magazine Article

Outside Magazine article “The 14 Most Comon Fitness Injuries”. Dr. Gordon contributed to Plantar Fasciitis and IT Band Syndrome
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Dr. Gordon was recognized as one of the leading Sports Medicine Physicians in the following publications

The Network Journal The Best Black Doctors in the Tristate Area The Network Journal 2009
Black Enterprise America's Leading Black Doctors Black Enterprise America's Leading Doctors
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